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Finding God through Gratitude

When I am unsure about my faith or how to pray, I start with giving thanks.  Regardless of how difficult my life is, there is always something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for the coloured leaves, the last flowers, the first snow, the stars, and all the beauty of nature.

I am thankful for my church, the people that walk with me while demonstrating their faith. Being in the presence of such faithful people allows my own faith to stay strong.

I am thankful for the congregation that supported my children as they grew up, developing their faith and their skills in this special community.

I am thankful for the outreach activities that let our neighbors know that we are here; ready to embrace them as human beings.

And just as I appreciate everybody, I feel appreciated as well.  We are here for each other and thankful for each other.

And just like this a prayer becomes action, big or small.  I can be a steward of the environment and act responsibly, recycle, protect and support.  I can demonstrate my faith to others in actions or with my presence.  I can support the children of the congregation with praise, and engage with them and support their initiatives.  I can sew, I can greet, I can bring items for the food bank and I can support financially and spiritually those who initiate and maintain activities.  I can do many things even when I think I can do nothing.  My prayer of gratitude inspires action and encourages me to engage with others.  And in them I can see the face of God.  

Sabine George


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