On vision

A hope or dream of the future. 

According to the dictionary, this might be a description of what St. Philip's would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future.  It is intended to serve as a clear guide for shoosing current and future courses of action.

60 years ago there was a vision shared by people of faith in this community.  That vision led to the extablishment of St. Philip's.  A place of community providing a place to worship, celebrate the sacraments, instruct both children and adults.  A centre for "telling the story", and acting on our concern and love for neighbours, far and near.  A place that welcomes all generations.

Over the years, many more gathered to become a part of that vision.  No vision can become a reality without commitment.  They gave of their time, talent, their prayers and their monetary gifts and with God's blessing, brought that vision to reality.

Time has passed.  It's now 2018:  we have changed; our neighbourhood has changed; our world has changed.  Our core values and vision for St. Philip's hasn't changed radically in 60 year, but it's always a good thing to re-evaluate, refresh, regroup and recommit.

Through Church Councils direction, we have a "new vision", a renewed focus on providing programs to children, young adults, families and connecting with near-neighbours.  To bring that vision alive requires your commitment.  A commitment of time, talent, prayer, and financial support.

On behalf of your church, I ask that you prayerfully consider the information provided in your stewardship envelope and be a part of keeping St. Philip's vision alive and well.

--Kathy Dragert


Of Loaves and Fishes

We bring the “loaves and fishes”…

Thinking back to when the idea of establishing a seasonal “Good Food Market” (GFM) was being shaped, I remember reflecting on the story of the boy with his loaves and fishes. It's a miraculous tale of how a young boy brought what little he had to Jesus and, somehow, those few loaves and fishes were multiplied to feed a large crowd. His meager lunch must have looked so pitiful. How could such an insignificant offering make any impact? The need was so great and yet this was all there was.

For me, this market felt like we too were bringing just a small offering before an unquenchable need and I too wondered how could this possibly be of any value? But the young boy's story continues. After Jesus gave thanks for what they had, not only was the entire crowd fed, but there were leftovers!

We've been through three summers now with the GFM and, oh, the stories I could tell! I could tell you of the families we met week after week in Capri Park. Or the volunteers who gave so generously and consistently over those 14 weeks each year. How we received funding from the Eastern Synod and government grants that allowed us to hire a student. But mostly, I would tell you of the conversations we had and the relationships we formed.

I don't know how the boy's loaves and fishes were multiplied in Jesus' day. But I can say as we have brought what we have, we have seen abundance and generosity from those around us. It truly is miraculous!

Perhaps that is the reason why we bring our own “loaves and fishes”. Even though the need is so great, as we bring in faith what we have, we see our generosity multiply. We see the work of our Heavenly Father who is eternal and who provides for our needs. So, this month, as we hear fresh stories from this community of God's provision, remember that what you bring, however small and insignificant, matters not for it is Christ who sees the heart and multiplies our offering.

Dave Pascoe, Volunteer with the Good Food Market


Neighbourhood Table 4

Fiesta Fun Foods!

Our last Neigbourhood Table was a Fiesta party!  A full house of neighbours sharing some food and fun.  Check out the Fiesta Fun on Susan's blog.

Thanks for all who participated, to the planners and volunteers, and to the leader, Susan!


Neighbourhood Table 3

Breakfast for Lunch!

Who says breakfast can only be eaten as the first meal of the day?  Check out Breakfast for Lunch on Susan's blog.  Another amazing, fun and filling Neighbourhood Table!


Neighbourhood Table 2

Week 2:  Under the Mediterranean Sun

Read about another amazing week at our Neighbourhood Table on Susan's blogIt's about healthy eating, living in community and teaching kids how to cook!