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Stewardship Moment: We are the blessed ones

I would like to say a few words about the approaching EMV and perhaps even what my church means to me.  Yes, we are currently bordering on financial straits.  But we have had financial problems before and have always come through.  I’m sure we can not only come through, but do better.
I would have to say that to give financial support to my church is a privilege.  I give, but I also gain so much.  Fellowship, challenge, peace, learning, joy, great sermons on Sunday morning, music to live for, sometimes courage, growth in my faith, and more.  A building where we can meet as fellow Christians is a fundamental need.  We have all heard about the coal that gets away from the rest of the coals in the fireplace and soon goes out.
I am so thankful for my mother who taught my siblings and I about God.  We were caught up in the stories about Jesus’ birth and His crucifixion.  The seeds of faith were sown by my mother at a very early age.  I’ve always been a practicing Christian and gone to church, (and sung in a choir since I was sixteen, incidentally) but as I matured I slowly came to realize that part of the maintaining of a church was my responsibility.  How else could it go on?  Needs have to be met.  That is why I tithe.  First things first. 
I think all will agree that we are an especially blessed congregation.  A couple of years ago, I happened to meet an old musician friend of mine here in the church who was playing for a funeral.  We got talking about our Director of Music, Mark Kieswetter.  She knew of Mark and commented, “You are so lucky.”  We all know we are indeed blessed with Mark’s leadership, not to mention his immense talent, and last but not least, his witness to his faith.  How appropriate is that?
And then we have Pastor Tuula with her thought provoking, sometimes outspoken, sermons; her happy, positive presence; her humanness; her desire to do what she likes to do best, and that is to serve.  I, for one, love her.
We are also blessed with a crowd of giving people who perform, willingly, so many duties, and get so much accomplished.  We are a presence in the community and in the wider church.  We have a great church.  Staff have to make a living, furnaces and air conditioners have to function and to be replaced if and when needed, property has to be maintained, and so on.  Our homes cost us; our households cost us.  It just costs to live.  If our church life is a priority, I’m asking you all to make your giving a priority, be it just a tiny increase if you are able, or be it a larger amount.  Call it an investment in our future and for those who have not yet passed through our doors.  We are the blessed ones to have been given this gift of faith and to know that we are the Lord’s chosen ones.  Forever.  Hallelujah!!



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