November was stewardship month at St. Philip's,

...a time when we ask members to renew their commitment.


Please return your commitment forms if you haven't already done so. 

Something to think about...

Checkout the slideshows on Grace, Generosity and Gratitude -- and read reflections from our members.

We have been Freed by Grace

Grace - a gift we don't deserve.

We have a Vision to Live Generously with our neighbours.


Our members reflect on our vision:

Of Loaves and Fishes
On Vision

We respond to God's grace with generosity.

Our members reflect on generosity:

Each of us can help someone.
Generosity changes lives.

We are freed by Grace to live generously and with gratitude.

Reflections on Gratitude:

Finding God through gratitude

The members of St. Philip's are All Stars. 

Thanks for your support.  Enjoy the presentation from All-Star Cafe.