Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary provides for the scholarly study of the Christian faith and ministry in an interdenominational setting, especially in its Lutheran expression and within the Canadian context. Such education includes dialogue between theology and ministry and other academic and professional disciplines, and seeks to help students develop an integrated theology that activates a meaningful engagement with the world.

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary is an institution of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. The primary task of the Seminary is to serve as a resource for the Eastern Synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the church at large. In pursuit of this task, the Seminary educates men and women in and for ordained and lay Christian ministry, and helps them effectively exercise their ministry in the church and the world. Programs include basic and advanced theological study, interdisciplinary studies, supervised contextual experiences and continuing education opportunities for both academic and non-academic credit. To carry out these objectives and as appropriate, the faculty and staff of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary teach and support students, conduct research, engage in ministerial activity and attend to administrative duties.


Lutheran Campus Ministry - Toronto

Lutherans Connect (on Facebook) is the online ministry of Lutheran Campus Ministry -Toronto.  But it's much more than a website.  It's a place for people to connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the church, their faith, and the world they live in.


Lutheran Central

formed in December 2000, to organize all the best Lutheran web sites, and web resources into one easy to navigate directory which will encourage Lutherans to connect to other Lutherans online