Try these ideas at home...

Family Movie Night

Use the opportunity of a movie night to pass the popcorn and pass on the faith as well!  Faith talk really isn't that difficult.  Find an idea in the movie that you can share your perspective on and help build the foundation for your children.

Here are some ideas from the blog OneDeterminedLife.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

When it's hard to believe....

"You may want to start the conversation by simply asking how your child felt when Peter and Susan didn’t believe Lucy and see how they respond.  You can then transition into a discussion on how similar it is for believing in Jesus."

"In their lifetime our children will come into contact with doubters.  This is a great way to equip them to know that what they believe is very logical."

Suggested discussion for older children, 9+.

Monsters Inc

Faith like a child...

In the movie, there are two worlds: the monster world and the human world.  Both worlds exist, but it is only by accident and through a child enterring the monster world that the two come face to face and have a greater impact on each other.  As children get older, they are less impacted by the monster world.

"Same goes for our world and the spiritual world.  Both are real.  Both impact the other.  But it takes the faith of a child to truly see the one."

Ideas to talk about:

  • We believe in a Trinity:  God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  Talk about our "spiritual life".
  • Talk about "heaven" and the "kingdom of God"... another world.  How do the kids see these?  Listen to their ideas.
  • We can't see the Spirit or Heaven; we know they're there.  Talk about how we can know this.
  • Ideas about faith and trust.

The Incredibles

Spiritual gifts and how we need each other...

The Parr family learns that they each have unique superpowers and that they can only win if they work together.

Ideas to talk about:

  • Ask each person what they think their "superpower" is.  It can be anything from making dirt pies to being a super friend, from smiling to listening.  Then tell each what you think their superpower is.  Then look at these as spiritual gifts from God and see where the conversation goes.
  • God has given us each different gifts.  If we want to do amazing things, how can we use these gifts?  Talk about how we can use these gifts at St. Philip's, to grow these gifts and be a part of something bigger.  (Working together we can win!)
  • How as a family can we use our superpowers to be a better family?  How can we work better together?