10 Lent and Easter ideas for families to use at home:

Traditionally during Lent, Christians Pray, Fast, Give.  Here are some ideas for you to keep a holy Lent with your family.
1.  Change up the way you pray during Lent.  How about making a Prayer Chain?  Print the file provided and write your own ideas on a blank page.  Make and hang the chain and use one daily.  (Decide how many days you will make the chain for.)  Maybe add a special chain at the top for Easter!  
2.  To "Fast", many Christians give something up for Lent.  Do you want to give something up?  Something to talk about.  Remember, this is Monday through Saturday -- Sundays are not included!
3.  During Lent, it's a good time to take on a family project to help others.  What works for you?  Maybe save to Give a Gift from the Heart with CLWR?  They have a special kids selection of gifts.  Or start a Blessings Box where every time someone helps another, they add to the box.  At Easter, see how you have been a blessing!
4.  Print a Lenten Calendar to mark the 40 day journey to Easter.   
5.  Do you have a Nativity set you put out for Christmas?  Here's an idea.... make a Resurrection Set to help tell and see the story of Holy Week and the Passion.  
6.  Or how about baking some Easter Story Cookies as you read about the Passion on the Saturday before Easter Sunday... and then eat the surprise Easter Sunday! Or any day you can fit it into your busy schedule!
7.  Not just for Easter, here's an "I AM" simple craft to help understand who Jesus is, reading his "I am" statements in the Gospels.
8.  Here's a cool way to make a paper cross by folding and ripping a piece of paper.  Read about Jesus and the cross in the New Testament or in a book you have for the kids.
9.  Attend some of the special worship services for Lent and Easter:  wear ashes on Ash Wednesday, wave the palms on Palm Sunday, Lenten evening prayer services every Wednesday, washing of feet and hands on Maundy Thursday and then stand at the altar for Communion, experience the starkness of Good Friday, and then the glory of Easter.
10.  Come as a family to colour eggs with us on Good Friday April 19, or if you can't join us, colour eggs at home.